r because there is one, he is a good craft Shouzha hair, as long as spend small rubber band, what tails, ball head, fishbone braid, only if we want to think, no she can not do, even when the Children’s Day performances, specially the class teacher asked him to come to the school to help the girls hair tie it.

  That day several girls secretly and Pei Xiaoxing said Pei Naochun tie hair, my mother is more flattering than they ti杭州桑拿e, an envious look.
  Every time someone boast their own father when Pei Xiaoxing always feel that boast boast even happier than others, because she is aware that her father best, who will also not take away the good.
  ”Little Fortunately, you’re all right?”Wang red little worried, hot weather the past two days, they wore unlined sweating, she looked back on a small fortune off the bag when the nod a little red,” or else.You hide in the drawer?”She struggled to help out with attention.
  ”Nothing, and so can go home, I go home and then off!”
  Pei Xiaoxing still did not agree, even if hidden in a drawer, others will see it?She was afraid someone hates themselves, but also afraid of being exposed frightened expression, they see that look, she is like back to childhood, like, I feel like a little monster.
  The little monster, 爱上海龙凤419网is to make my father very hard, got lost, but also normal right?
  Pei Xiaoxing do not want to when the little monster, although they are not reluctant to seek help, what their own came a little hard, be honest, at least now she can put his left hand on the table, rather than put a stick a light up, dignitaries I can not help peeking杭州夜网论坛 over.
  People seem born to light up the pursuit of beauty talent, playing from the beginning of childhood, even then I do not know what kids are keen to show from my judgment, to appreciate beauty, exclusion ugly, let alone grow up again.
  The boys made a long time, clumsy way of the pursuit, the girl’s attention is usually caused by a variety of means, this time most of them are not aware of thei

between the chin knee, holding his knees shaking a ball.

  For a long time, she realized it was “a佛山桑拿网 dream” Stretch your limbs slowly lay down: “Hey, I’m a disgrace.”
  Her restless and excited, she rolled over on the couch, or even find a “Dream Dictionary” looked at, looking from the interpretation of a difference does not read: “gridlock.”
  What will I impasse?Su dumping looked braids think she will love “Pinocchio” picture book upside down in his face, touched his chest, as if still feel kind of piercing men Tong.
  She thermometer off, kissed on the lips, then tightly squeeze the sweaty palm.
  This time, she access the?Call: “doing?”
  He laughed loudly: “how daze.”
  He lined up the file categorized, released all the tasks tonight, glanced at the time, is nine o’clock, somewhat surprised: “so early?”
  ?My heart burst tide swept over like sour.He wanted to pour the Soviet Union in the home must b杭州桑拿e very lonely, and she did not stay to speak with her play, had to sleep early.
  No time he spoke, there was news that her soft voice: “Tonight was to lower the temperature to below zero, if the cloud drifting east, then perhaps there is snow.”
  ”You will do late?”
  ”will not.”He pushed aside the coffee cup, lig都市体验网htweight Qiao pulled a panic.
  Su seems to pour smiled: “Then cover the quilt at night, lock the windows.”
  ?I do not want to end this phone, locked drawers, lowered his voice: “Do you want me?”
  ”.”There silent for a moment,” I do not want to.”
  Every time she was deeply moved, call time will be stretched, because each question, she would seriously consider a long time to think clearly, you can not tell what sweet words.This process makes him exceptionally fun.
  He “laugh” laugh, looking at the frosting on the windows, but also silent for a moment and said softly: “I miss you too, how do you say.”
  Voice hardly ever, suddenly shine a beam of light from his smart watch, the projected wall on the opposite side, the holographic image o

the king did not pay attention you see red and looked around, getting in the way: “Little Fortunately, your hand will not be hard for me not to take off and relax for a while?”She’s seen a small fortune off his gloves look like, she had to admit that she was shocked, but 北京SPA会所soon recovered his composure, but her best friend most small fortune if she was afraid, small Fortunately, some will be sad.

  Honestly, now you see small fortune bare hands, she can not help but distinguished look, she did not know why he has not been accustomed to, and the king of red hesitant mother complained, but mother just told myself, since the decision Fortunately, friends and small, we must continue to work hard, she can be hard, sooner or later, she could do nothing to fear.
  ”No.”Pei Xiaoxing just shook his head, a lot of students in the classroom, she did not want to frighten others.
  Moreover, is not it uncomfortable, her head bowed, hands looked lost in thought, my father had previously done with all kinds of strange mechanical function of gloves, in her school, to do more, the glove is only decorative function.
  With her hand like this, I do not know the position of the hand is filled with what material, very strong but light, painted outside pressing her skin tone is too pigment, texture and even the nails of the hands are part of painting clearly, in addition to the relatively stiff can not be bent, if viewed from a distance上海夜网, and absolutely do not see any difference really hands.Prosthetic hand and wrist intermediate junction, for her father wrap strips pink fixing belt, the fixing belt is a two-stage, very strong, will not fall even if the running.
  Similar fixed home with many styles, such as a mall to buy pink ribbons, pink wristbands sports and pale pink, both the watch features leather, plastic, paper strap.However, there is a little strange, Dad do not know why, choose the strap color, it is pink.
  As well as the head of the first flower, Pei Xiaoxing father among girls popula

on; the other is mechanical armor in the world, he personally hand-made robot, deformation features are built, there are prototypes of tanks, armored vehicles prototype, the prototype of the battleship, the proportion of strange, next to a narrow, etc. the simulation of weapons, can be optionally replaced.

  ”What good mechanical armor!Pei Shushu say the do’s Rapunzel!”
  ”Princess What fun, what long hair, short hair, do not all look the same?Peishu Shu said the fighter robot to do this time, and certainly cool!”
  ”You boys like Causing loss of lives, to arrange home how wonderful princess.”
  Too, which began falling out, the class of men and women are evenly matched forces, separatist daily, of course, there are many girls like mechanical armor, boys like the princess in the world, they also spoke for their respective favorite things.
  Then, we find someone to call the shots, just two fights loudest, at the same time look to the Pei Xiaoxing: “small fortune, you say, what do you think is better?”
  Pei Xiaoxing very used to this Acheron, she and South neighborhood group广州桑拿网 of small partners to play on the experience of playing time, when the father began to wonder toy, it is abstract, self-made skating shoes, backpacks pusher, flash shield.Eyed little boy who always looked at him, she said, have to be one two three ranking on the line; there is that almost caused a children’s Fuzion “Pei Xiaoxing good friend” in the South neighborhood Ranking.
  ”I think that is very good, I still wear my dad’s favorite robot clothes.”
  Speaking of this, we will also nodded his head together, not just those who dispute the topic: “I like a small fortune, your father has not given you to do what you can wear clothes ah robot?That much can be cool!”
  Pei Xiaoxing said nothing, just laughing, of course she is there, at the table next to her room, on a shelf one can adjust the size of the robot suits it, just wear北京桑拿ing stuffy, my father rarely let her wear.
  Wait until the discussion is over,

, we have to give people cause great psychological blow.

  Pei Naochun and can not control other people’s knee-jerk reaction, he certainly hope that others regarded her as a “normal” look, but he can not deny her daughter a little something special, 北京夜网he tried my best to want to do it is to give her daughter a more peaceful environment, but also let her have the ability to make friends and others.
  Including those he personally designed to bring the glove to his daughter, strictly speaking, these things there is little practical sense, it is like to be the daughter of the body to wear clothes, wearing gloves when Pei Xiaoxing can be slightly obscured own different, let her calm and interaction with others.
  Of course, Pei Naochun also look forward to the next day, even if the gloves off, Pei Xiaoxing will not be because the eyes of others feel the pain; but if small fortune can not make it, he was willing to make a lifetime of gloves, firmly protection live her mind.
  Now it seems that his efforts bear fruit of.
  ”Fortunately, small small fortune, Pei Shushu this week it would send over what toys!”Pei Xiaoxing front desk girl tempest red, cut her with a Jarhead, is particularly big eyes.
  ”Yesterday, I saw my father do a complete set of cooking tools, like a teacher wants, the teacher said that we let our own practical lesson to cook it!”Pei Xiaoxing casually should.
  ”What, do Pe苏州桑拿网ishu Shu mechanical robot armor yet?”Standing next to the ears droop once overheard a little boy lying on the table.
  Front of the room, placed a display case inside Pei Naochun are sent to classmates play with toys, he’d done, it can be considered return of teachers and students to goodwill Pei Xiaoxing, in which the most popular are two students series of products, a pink princess world, Pei Naochun well versed in what later Barbie doll BJD experience welcomed by the girls directly whole had a full set of what pink dollhouse mini furniture sets, colored dolls, wigs, clothes and shoes and so

to choose to go, to do this.

  This gift, popular among students, quickly become one in order to change to their favorite designs, but also the fall from the sky like a magical robot Pei Naochun full of goodwill.
  Take a short staff know everything a child the truth, took someone else’s gift, they also comply with the agreement, particularly good treat Pei Xiaoxing.
  Pei Naochun do not just school gifts, school was still before him, specifically to find on the elementary school principal river, in his help, one by one visited first grade teacher, and they frankly own the child’s special, ask the teacher can improve care, and finally found not mind the most, and he is willing to help pay more attentionAnd students to communicate about that of Li, Pei Nao深圳桑拿网chun and the other hit it off, decided her daughter into the second grade six classes.
  This communication may in fact not easy, simple folk of the county at the same time, teachers are rarely in contact with such a special student, even if met, I do not know how to treat, they are usually treated equally, as fo北京夜网r any conflict occurring between children dispute, the first will discourage, not discouraged after, they also helpless.
  Pei Naochun fear encountered this situation, many people will think, why so hard?Originally daughter’s mutilated body, should not be subject to discrimination is wrong.
  Pei Naochun can not agree with this view, indeed, one can easily happen to all the problems, mistakes attributed to society, society can really only do errors?
  To give a very simple example, walking down the street, you see people disfigured, or mangled, and even bizarre, fancy dress, give birth to fear, and that is natural, uncontrollable, improving education, civilization change, people are in panic after the subconscious, can control their equal treatment of others, trying to suppress his knee-jerk reaction, to give others respect, comfortabl武汉桑拿网e attitude.
  The problem is that, even inadvertently reveals the horror, disgust

s enough, let alone his orders are always after lining up for a long time, never interrupted the.

  In short, in the southern neighborhood of neighbors view, this Pei Naochun, they rely on their own a craft, a little bit up these easy life.
  But the m深圳桑拿全套oney for Pei Naochun, that was not quite enough, his study, also need more money and experiments, but he believes he can save enough, and give him a little time just fine.
  Who’s the best dad?The problem child thrown into the pile, each common answer for sure, be in the classroom two years and six classes, the teacher if such a question, all the children would shout in unison: “Pei Xiaoxing’s best dad!”
  Of course, they said this is to risk being hit their own father, but this does not blame them, who told their dad, dad not so fortunate small cattle, so powerful it?
  So far two years and six small class students, but also recalled the original started school, Pei Xiaoxing’s father took his debut appearance, they clearly remember, Pei Dad Shenshangnajian like shining light armor, as well as a huge bird hand, like a tray, li北京风月会所ke Pei Xiaoxing safe sitting in the hands of local head high up they look down from the.
  They screamed and looked at the robot into the classroom door, down the Pei Xiaoxing, I do not know where the switch is pressed, up one liter automatic mask, revealing a fairly handsome man face Zhang, Pei Dad bent over and said to them: “the students, after a small fortune to please take care of you, oh!I am here to say thank you and everyone.”Then Pei dad like magic, from the duo as a dream as big as a large pocket bag, took out a bunch of carefully packing a small gift, a sub down.
  These hands are made before Pei Naochun badges, can be glued directly on top of the garment, will press down light, a battery power source is a circular, top pattern shape different, they are some small animals and cool armor, he farewell’d have thought of, c苏州桑拿an harm children Wanwusangzhi afraid, not serious lectures, the election

tove, and a bunch of exclusive universal Pei Xiaoxing gloves.

  This display cabinets, Pei Naochun set this at first, purely want to save these good daughter likes to play with the finished product, behind the museum actually become a magical hearts of childre北京夜生活网n every day to school children or time to test the waters, and that there is always beside squatting a group of children, in that whispering discussions fantasy.
  In the neighborhood view, Pei Naochun double magic hand, can not find out the price would have been repaired almost scrapped appliances, home furnishings and even, if he hopes of finding that, basically can “cure the patient except”.
  South neighborhood kids it seems, must hide behind Pei Naochun mysterious identity, he is the animation of Dr. XX, chances are able to produce what will launch □□ watches, will be flying skateboard!He is also a neighborhood south of largest toy suppliers, just need to find him, always go to the magic of new varieties of toys.
  The people outside the South neighborhood of view, Pei Naochun name of the first, has been completely sprea广州桑拿网d out, become a mysterious legend –
  Like martial arts, the real expert, always hermit known to the world, Pei Naochun certain, too, that year he battles out, a good technology under study, and then returned home, incognito, to live their easy life , may this hand craft eventually leak out.
  This first name even reached the town, anyway, we all know what someone can not solve the maintenance problem, just find Pei Jiawei repair shop can solve quasi.
  These repairs are only single-single, Pei Naochun will be able to earn pours, he just discount to the neighborhood, outside of the original price or income.
  But what really Pei Naochun quietly rich is his private pick big one, what custom mold, toy cars or transformation, these days playing with these basic are rich, the bid also welcome, at every turn thousands ten thousand, then a month, twelve single-life father and daughter more than enough i

am, so they were broken, and we will then had played their easy life, the only difference is the last generation Pei Xiaoxing not in this life’d catch a ride, into the river elementary school.

  ”Laopei, my family’s rice cooker broke down again, I win, you give me to not?”Kurtis repair shop across from the second floor windows that open, and explore out of a woman screaming shouted.
  ”I took a look.”Pei Naochun not looked up, casually back, the other nodded, closed the window, resolutely go down and home delivery.
  Grocery store next door t北京夜网o the boss with his head did not explore, sit at the counter then shouted: “Laopei, my home freezer leaking, and so busy working you to give me bits and pieces!”
  ”Into, and so busy working to go.”
  ”And I’m home, I just bought a motorcycle engine sound particularly loud, you come and show me the pictures!”
  ”it is good!”
  It’s that a few times, Pei Naochun in turn received three single business, ever since he began to study how to change the law to make her more powerful toys began his research field, have become increasingly widespread, behind analogy, what are learning on a little, over time, substantially all of the issues, put his hand up not a problem.
  What the TV screen suddenly spent, the refrigerator is not cooling, air conditioning sent Kacha sound scary.Just need to find him, yes for sure.
  That brand of Kurtis garage, 北京夜网he also picked off two years ago, replaced by a new, at night with a flash of leadership “Pei Jiawei repair shop” sign, if not fear breach of advertising law, already hung on the over-the slogan “anything” like the.
  Shop inside, it was so long ago, unlike in the past when the black thing black paint garage, and now the house well lit, always bright enough, Pei Naochun specially separated out a specialized studio, next to custom iron cupboard, filled with all kinds of tools, is located in front of the yard glass case, then show the Pei Naochun all kinds of “work” and what mini rice cooker, mini electric s

vied against his hand) why you do not wear gloves?

  Aunt Lee 🙁 rolling his eyes) that children do not listen, so late to go home today, call him actually still smiling.
  Ted 🙁 wit face) I think!Because my hands are ugly, if 深圳桑拿网I do not have enough hands!I can wear the same gloves and a small fortune!
  Aunt Lee:???!!!
  On this day, Ted weeping loudly.

217 Chapter baby she had wandered off (seven)?(nine)
  River Elementary School is one of the best county primary school, primary school around this house, because they have an excellent school district, which can be considered the surrounding real estate market, the only way to protect the price also mid-price of the house, even those decoration in general, life long houses as long as the account fall, can sell a lot of price.
  Kurtis where South neighborhood Wan Road is good, Pei Xiaoxing to primary school in the previous year, the government met redrawing school district, all of a sudden fall in your lap by lap camel into it, otherwise takes several estimates some money in order to fight Yao Hao to a ch苏州夜网ance, but there are divisions over the past few years the legend that the wind will be re-divided, neighborhood south of the house, they have not been able to catch up with the price of spring.
  Of course, this also inevitably brought back the hearts of the neighbors emotional waves, we gossip, we must talk over a few l北京风月网ines, following the demolition would also like to dream again riches, which only slightly out of tune with one of calm Pei trouble spring, after the strike clearly know what.
  In short, this year’s redrawing school district, affecting the interests of the former school district a lot of people, especially crossed out, as well as local developers sell new and expensive large-area district, bought after the joint owners of the surrounding community the residents, a government that is to sit petition is finally out □□ demand, the local government will only back to school zoning, neighborhood south of riches dre